About Me

I am a full stack web developer proficient in Ruby on Rails, Vue.js, Javascript, Bootstrap, PostgreSQL, HTML, and CSS. I thrive in a fast paced learning environment, and my career in management has proved that I am capable of solving problems with a team.

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Previous Experience

Throughout my past work and schooling I have been immersed in atmospheres which required me to think and problem solve in a fast environment. While finishing my Bachelor's degree at Arizona State University, I worked full time as a manager for a catering restaurant in Knoxville, TN. I am a recent graduate of Actualize Coding Bootcamp where I learned full stack web development in a fast paced, demanding environment.


While at Actualize Coding Bootcamp, I completed and presented my capstone project, In the Pantry. My project is a Rails backend and Vue.js frontend web app that take in ingredients a user would like to cook with and provides recipes containing these ingredients. The app allows users to save recipes and can even generate a grocery shopping list. You can view all of the code for my project or check the website out yourself!

Currently Learning...

Check out my Work Journal on the left or visit my Github to see what I am currently learning!

Current Skills

  • Ruby on Rails

  • Javascript

  • Vue.js

I would love to meet you!

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